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Fastener Equipment Rebuilding.
Industrial Drafting and Machining Inc. offers complete or partial rebuilding, rectifying, reconditioning
and upgrading of all types of fastener manufacturing equipment.
Here is a brief description of a rebuilding process on a 3/16 DSSD Waterbury HIPRO header with upgrades.

The process of rebuilding consists of: The machine is completely disassemble (fig.1); Check and rectify ware and tare of frame. Change all parts like: Bearings and Rollers, Pins and Bolts, Feed shafts. Re-grind the Crankshaft and re-align gate and punch slide to die block.

The upgrade of machine consist of: Counter balance with new guards (fig. 4 & 5) adapted to machine for the ability to increase speed of machine by 25% from 225 PPM to 280 PPM. New pressure switch operated lubrication system that controls main drive, to insure a long operating life of machine, and a variable frequency inverter drive adapted to machine for versatility.
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